Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I have been trying to get my cake decorating pictures published in a cake decorating magazine that accepts amateurs. I have had my pictures in for three years and they have been lost many times.

I finally e-mailed the editor and asked her what I was doing wrong in submitting my pictures. She assured me that the last time that I e-mailed them in, she had put them in folders herself for publication. I didn't really believe her because it has been three years!!! I did not renew my subscription and this was the last magazine that I was to receive. (I have kept renewing thinking that I might miss something if I didn't.)

I opened the new issue last night with pre-disapointment in my heart and lo and behold, I was finally published! Wa-hoo! O.k., I am published as Bridget Pherson, but I will take it. Our last name does send people into a dyslexic tail spin! Bridget Pherson is finally published! (Click on photos to enlarge.)

My cake decorating website is A Dash of Vanilla.

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The Novasio Zoo said...

I need some lessons. I love to cake decorate... I just haven't had a whole lot of experience. These cakes look awesome!