Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The 2009 Wilton Yearbook Has Arrived!

I love the Wilton Yearbook!  I used to look at my Mom's when I was a kid.  (They have been around for a LONG time!)

The 2009 Wilton Yearbook just arrived in craft stores.  These books are packed with cute ideas for all of the holidays, birthdays, weddings, all occasions, etc.  They also sell an accompanying pattern book and I can only find that at JoAnn's.

This is a great thing to use those 40% off coupons on. 

Speaking of the craft store coupons...did you know that you can use your JoAnn's coupons at Michael's?  An added bonus to this post!  :)


The Novasio Zoo said...

Wahoo! I love these. I buy them every year. Thanks for the heads up!

The Novasio Zoo said...

I went out and got mine! I love it... thanks for the heads up! :-)